International Business Week is a joint initiative to connect Bermuda’s young people with the island’s global companies. “IB” is a critical contributor to Bermuda’s economy and job growth, so we want to help provide the next generation of talent with access to mentorship, networking, scholarships and information about careers in this industry sector.

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Case Studies

Kimika Jackson


Kimika was propelled into the International Business world when she was selected for the Bermuda Education Network Internship. The experience gave her an early understanding of what worked and didn’t work for her and she eventually decided to pursue a career as a broker. From taking actuarial science at Bermuda College to risk management at St. John’s University, a master’s in business analysis and strategy at the University of Manchester expanded her understanding of the industry before she joined Marsh in January.
She said, “I knew I wanted to get into the industry early, so I built the network. Through experience you can identify your strengths and weaknesses and what works best for you. I’ve shadowed many jobs across the industry just to get a taste for the different roles. Taking part in different activities, playing the roles of the underwriter, the consultant, the broker – from there I recognised that the industry had a lot to offer.”

Jevon Swan


With his “natural curiousity about the ebbs and flows of the economy” Jevon had his heart set on economics while he was still at Saltus. Pursuing economics, finance and banking at Nottingham Trent before completing his master’s degree in computer science, he took his skills back to Bermuda beginning his career as a world catastrophe analyst at Allied World. Now a member of Renaissance Re’s credit department, his ambitions are to progress to Underwriter and eventually senior vice president.
He said, “Having a mentor that can give you guidance when you’re first getting into the industry is one of the most valuable assets you can have. Growing up in Bermuda, you can’t avoid hearing how essential IB is to our economy. There’s something for everyone in this industry. Not everyone is an underwriter or actuary. It’s a vast industry with so many different classes of business – whether you’re interested in natural disasters, technology, renewable energy, marine insurance. There’s something that could suit every single person’s interest.”

Kaisha Wilson


Kaisha has always seen Bermuda as a small island “full of great opportunities”. The former BHS student would spend after school in the Chubb offices where her mother worked before earning a place on the Chubb Select internship. Receiving scholarships from ABIC and bursaries from Appleby and Conyers, she obtained a Bachelor of Laws at De Montfort University in Leicester, graduating with First Class Honours, before finishing the LPC at BPP University in Manchester with a Distinction. After stints at ASW, Appleby, Conyers, Third Point Reinsurance Ltd and Ren Re, she began Appleby’s two-year, trainee programme in September and now hopes to be called to the Bermuda Bar later this year.
Not afraid to ask for what she wants, she advises: “Apply to everything. Even if there’s not an application, let HR know you are interested. I put myself out there as much as I can. I don’t wait for the opportunities to come to me. In Bermuda, opportunities can be created just for you. They want you to succeed.”

Amon Wedderburn

Underwriting Trainee, Convex

Growing up, the Berkley Institute student knew little of the International Business world until his sister urged him to apply for an internship at Aon – a name he admits he recognised only for its place on the Manchester United kit. He is now well-versed in the industry after gaining further experience at Butterfield Bank, Fidelis and Hamilton Re while studying Legal Studies and Risk Management at St. John’s University in New York. Seeking a career that would bring stability despite any rupturing events like 9/11, and now Covid-19, after graduating in May 2020, he joined Convex’s International Property Treaty team in November. He said that while the US gave him confidence and exposure, Bermuda gives him access.
“Bermuda is the hub of insurance and reinsurance. Whether you’re speaking with a technical assistant or an executive vice president, they will take the time to really sit down and really engage with you. That helps develop that hunger and drive.”


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