The Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) Factor

ESG-Guided Investing in Bermuda

Making the right investment has never been more crucial. There are more factors than ever to consider – from technological advances to global change and a marketplace that is always in flux. Recognising the importance of sustainable investing, Bermuda has created an environment that blends business-friendly practices with policies for a sustainable future. That’s what ESG-guided investing is all about.

ESG stands for Environmental, Social and Governance. In the world of investments, it’s a way to gauge how well an investment aligns with long-term sustainable practices in those three realms. At the Bermuda Business Development Agency (BDA), we champion the work of local businesses and organisations of every size along with forward-thinking government policies and regulations. Explore what we’re doing now to keep Bermuda a world leader in business and foster its future growth.

Pillars of ESG-Guided Investment

Environmental Factors

Conservation Central

From pioneering conservation legislation to groundbreaking steps in wave energy technology and climate change policies, see how Bermuda is tackling environmental issues by land, sea and air on our Climate page.

Social & Governance Factors


Bermuda wouldn’t be what it is without its people. See how we’re investing in our talent, protecting our workforce and making policy changes that benefit the island as a whole with our Social Governance page.

Climate Risk Finance

Industry-Leading Expertise

As the world leader of re(insurance) industries, Bermuda understands natural catastrophe risk. We’re using that expertise to better mitigate climate risks and build resilience. Explore our Climate Risk Finance industry page.

Climate Central

Learn how Bermuda is leading the world in environmental stewardship and climate risk mitigation.

ESG Opportunities & Impact

Explore ever-evolving ESG initiatives in Bermuda and learn how these efforts offer competitive advantages for businesses.


Test new technologies or business models in an ideal environment.

Bermuda is invested in protecting the island’s pristine environment. There are plans in place to responsibly manage 200 miles of ocean around Bermuda (465,000 square kilometres or 180,000 square miles), to improve energy efficiency standards and to invest in wave power and wind farms – and that’s just a handful of the newest initiatives.

Bermuda has committed to renewable energy, and investments in the environment are important for the island’s future. Supporting these investments are programmes like the Bermuda Monetary Authority’s Sandbox – an innovative track for companies to test new technologies or business models. Additionally, as part of Bermuda’s Economic Recovery plan, the Regulatory Authority aims to create an energy regulatory sandbox – a track that would encourage new renewable energy developers to test their products in Bermuda.

> Explore Bermuda’s sustainable initiatives and opportunities in our climate hub.


Leverage connections between government, industry and regulators.

The bedrock of Bermuda’s workforce are the policies that protect employees, grow talent and direct resources for employee mental health, training and development. Our success as a business hub is supported by the interconnection of government, industry and independent regulators. Within this ecosystem, there is the Bermuda National Standards Committee – the first organisation to formally replicate the US-based Council on Accreditation, widely recognised as one of the best human service accrediting organisations of its kind.

> Explore the policies that make Bermuda a great place to invest and work on our page devoted to social and governance factors.


Explore private-sector investment with a world leader.

Climate change is increasingly a major factor to consider with any investment. Our expertise in the (re)insurance sector gives us a unique look into how to actively mitigate climate risk and create resilience in the financial industry.

> See why Bermuda leads the world in the field of climate risk finance.

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