Bermuda’s infrastructure is modern, well developed and technologically advanced offering investors a wealth of opportunities.

From real estate and hotel development to subsea cables, satellites and the blue economy, Bermuda is driving plans to advance existing and emerging industries.

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4 Satellite

orbital slots were allocated to Bermuda by the ITU in 1983

5 Subsea Cable

systems currently land in Bermuda: GlobeNet, Challenger, Gemini and Caribbean - Bermuda U.S. (CBUS)

20% of New Marine

areas will be protected by the Bermuda Ocean Prosperity Programme (BOPP)

85% of Island's Electricity

supply will be generated from renewable sources by 2035

Blue Economy

boat in bermuda water

The Blue Economy & Sustainability

Bermuda is committed to sustainably develop the island's blue economy. The Bermuda Ocean Prosperity Programme plans to manage and improve ocean industries like fishing and tourism while at the same time preserving 90,000 km² of Bermuda’s waters in fully protective areas by 2022.

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Subsea Cables

various blue color lines

Subsea Telecommunications Corridor

Bermuda is driving plans to develop a subsea telecommunications corridor. While the island already hosts three cables, Bermuda’s location creates a logical stopover for cables between the Americas, Western Europe and Africa. New legislation has been passed to facilitate the industry's development.

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Hotel Development

view from Bermuda hotel

Tourism & Hotel Development

Investors are showing clear confidence in Bermuda's tourism product, a key pillar of the economy. To facilitate further investment into the island's infrastructure, specific legislation means new hotel developments are subject to tax incentives and can take advantage of further relief.

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Space & Satellites

satellite in space

Space & Satellite Industries

Bermuda has decades of involvement in the global space and satellite industry with leading companies having domiciled on-island. The focus is now on advancing space insurance, international spectrum regulation, space sustainability, small satellites, and earth station regulations.

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Renewable Energy

Bermuda flag near solar panel

Renewable Energy

Bermuda's first Integrated Resource Plan outlines the approach for the island's energy requirements over the next 20 years. Opportunities exist for companies to contribute to a future where 85% of the island’s electricity supply is generated from renewable sources by 2035.

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