Quality Assurance: An Overview of Life in Bermuda

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Quality Assurance: An Overview of Life in Bermuda

Sparkling in the mid-Atlantic, Bermuda is a British Overseas Territory with close connections to the Americas and Western Europe. With mild winters and warm summers, it’s easily accessible for travellers who can fly directly from the US, Canada and the UK.

There’s a thriving local community enjoying a safe and relaxed way of life on the island, where a typical workday is bordered with the out of the ordinary – a smooth commute along the stunning South Shore, board meetings aboard a catamaran and a happy hour paddleboard session, all before dinner. Boasting beauty and brains, it has a strong financial sector, beautiful pink-sand beaches, colourful architecture, high-class restaurants and excellent leisure facilities.


Life on the island centres around friends, family and social events, and getting around its 21 square miles is easy. Most Bermudians prefer to drive or zip around on their scooters, however residents are entitled to own one car per household, and many commute by sea, using the excellent – and scenic – ferry service.

Children are well educated, given the option of five international schools in addition to offering high-quality learning and internationally accepted accreditations, such as the international baccalaureate.

If you’re in the market for a new point of view, Bermuda has some fantastic properties available, from the classic vernacular to more modern developments, often linked to hotels. Local real estate firms have a diverse clientele, including trustees, domestic and international buyers. Up to two properties valued above approximately $3,000,000 can be acquired by non-Bermudians – with the opportunity for high rental income.

Bermuda has a high standard of living, with costs comparable to cities such as New York and London. Phone, internet and cable TV bills might be higher, but the service you receive is usually better. Compared to the UK, Europe and the US, supermarkets may seem pricey; eating at our phenomenal restaurants can often prove just as economical. The average monthly gym membership costs $150 per person, but free amenities like the Bermuda Railway Trail – and perfect year-round weather – make it easy to work out anywhere.


With everything you need within one square mile in City of Hamilton, you can talk to Tokyo at breakfast, enjoy a lunch meeting overlooking Hamilton Harbour, get back in the boardroom at your waterfront HQ and squeeze in a sunset cruise before addressing any business with your West Coast associates.


The island’s lush fairways lure many a golfer to the tee, but Bermuda is world-famous for its turquoise waters, coral reefs, subterranean caves, limitless snorkelling and abundant marine life. If that’s not enough to keep you busy, the island is renowned for its international events and has excellent facilities for every sport from tennis to hockey and rugby to football.

Many of the clubs encourage locals, expats and visitors to meet and forge new relationships. Remote yet connected, you’ll find a community of well-travelled, driven and fascinating professionals at any one of them. Form new bonds at Rotary; enjoy golf and lifestyle at Rosewood or Mid-Ocean; relax into the historic Coral Beach Club; or moor your vessel at one of the island’s boat clubs or marinas.

With all this and more, Bermuda really is the centre of it all.

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