Our World Too Announces Sustainability Partnership

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Our World Too Announces Sustainability Partnership

Our World Too Announces Sustainability Partnership in Bermuda

Pilot Program to Kick Off Corporation Rollout

HAMILTON, Bermuda–May 24, 2022–This week as the first Bermuda Climate Summit, presented by the Bermuda Business Development Agency (BDA) is underway, Our World Too (OWT) announced that its first country pilot program will begin in Bermuda. 

At the BDA event held in partnership with the Association of Bermuda Insurers and Reinsurers (ABIR) and KBRA, it is expected leaders of the headquarters and the Bermuda groups will make the announcement at this week’s summit, effectively entering into the business and sustainability movement at the global level.

Operating as a public benefit corporation (PBC), OWT will use marketing, communications, sales and enrollment techniques to support people and a changing planet for future generations.

OW2 Bermuda is the first licensed partner of OWT, and into the next year the groups will collaborate on partnering with public and private sectors in Bermuda; education and nongovernmental groups, and many more organizations, in order to connect sustainable incentives to programs to people within the country.

“Our World Too and OW2 Bermuda are the first efforts underway for our global action brand in the area of engagement and this represents an important milestone for us and for global change,” said OW2 Founder and Chair Dave McGuigan. 

“The people of Bermuda are as passionate and dedicated to sustainability as we are,” he added, “and in considering population, attitudes, connections in business and the environment in Bermuda, we felt this was the best region to launch our efforts.”

The OW2 Bermuda Task Force will spearhead all major efforts on the Island and be led by Phil Butterfield and Dr. Michelle St Jane.  

“We are proud to be a part of the inaugural Bermuda Climate Summit and formally announce OW2 Bermuda to the world at this time,” said St Jane. “We will be calling our program the ‘Our World Too Pilot Launch Initiative in Bermuda.’”

“We seek to assist the people of Bermuda in building a new future, the likes of which have not been seen before,” she said. “The Our World Too team here will play a global leadership role in the sustainability movement using a new algorithm. As we determine and move past goalposts for success, we then hope to export our model to other regions in the world.” 

CEO David Hart of BDA said groups and the government in Bermuda are excited to see the formation of OW2 Bermuda and support the group in inspiring, empowering and motivating individuals to take meaningful actions as guardians of the future.

“The BDA congratulates Our World Too on their formation of OW2 Bermuda and choice of Bermuda as a strategic launching pad to the global community. We applaud and support their efforts to inspire, empower and motivate individuals to take meaningful actions in building a sustainable environment for future generations,” said Hart.

“Through initiatives like OW2 and the BDA’s 2022 Bermuda Climate Summit, Bermuda will continue to punch above its weight and play a key leadership role in the worldwide climate risk and resiliency movement for years to come.”

For more information about Our World Too, PBC, please contact Dave McGuigan dmcguigan@ourworldtoo.com and WhatsApp (U.S.): +1 (858) 699-6727.

For more information about OW2 Bermuda, please contact Dr. Michelle St Jane at mstjane@ourworldtoo.com and WhatsApp (Int’l): +1 (441) 505-6785.  

For more information about the Bermuda BDA, please contact Jamari Douglas at jdouglas@bda.bm

Other OW2 Bermuda task force members include Krista Barnes, Charles Brown, Jamari Douglas, Venetia Furbert, Anna Pereira, Tammy Richardson and Patrick Tannock.    

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