Making the most of your time in Bermuda

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Making the most of your time in Bermuda

A resource for non-working spouses and partners – make the most of your time in Bermuda.

Making friends in this new place you now call home is really easy.

The first step is to contact your Consulate or Embassy. Many will host social events, in person and virtually, particularly in celebration of national holidays. There are representations in Bermuda from most European countries, the Nordic countries, Latin America, US and Canada. They will also keep you up to date with your home country Covid travel guidelines, so that you will know how to plan your return visits.

Joining a private member’s Club will offer you fantastic opportunities to expand your social network. There are several such Clubs on island. Situated in picturesque locations, they offer superb facilities and an array of members’ activities. Discounted hotel nights, and reciprocal membership at overseas Clubs are also attractive features with many offering special rates for Work From Bermuda Certificate holders.

The best friendships are those shared over common interests – if yours is in the arts and culture then Bermuda has many ways for you get involved. The Bermuda Music and Dramatic Society, the Menuhin Foundation, the National Trust, the National Gallery and the National Museum are all worth joining.

Our ability to enjoy nature in Bermuda knows no bounds. Graced with a favourable climate year round allows us to be outdoors all the while adhering to safety measures.

We offer all things water-related: paddle boarding, kite surfing, kayaking, scuba diving, and much more. As a land-lover, you might like to join the Walking Club of Bermuda who meets at a different location each Sunday, the Bermuda Audubon Society, of the Bermuda Aquarium and Zoo which hosts both educational and entertaining events for members. Our best advice is to call ahead, locate where they are meeting and join in!

Sport enthusiasts will find an easy home in Bermuda. Yoga, pilates, barre, squash, crossfit are the most popular clubs. Joining a fitness class is another great way to get to know people. The martial arts are also well represented, as is archery, pickleball and bowling. Soccer, rugby, competitive swimming, triathlon all have a huge following. The reassuring point to remember is that many participants in these clubs and activities will have walked in your shoes before – they too were once new to the island.

For more information on settling into life in Bermuda – contact Sylvia Jones, Corporate Concierge Bermuda Ltd. Tel +441 296 8575.

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