How can the BDA help me move to Bermuda?

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How can the BDA help me move to Bermuda?

Where you live and do business is a choice. You’ve weighed your options, found more pros than cons, and now it’s time to make moves. Redomiciling or establishing a home base is an exciting and significant decision and there are many aspects that must be considered, from hiring talent and cost‑effective tax planning to finding the ideal office space and selecting the right school for your children.

Once you’ve set your sights on Bermuda, think of us as your concierge and your strategic partner as you transition to, or establish yourself in, your new home. Whether you’re an individual, family, start-up or a multinational company, we have the assets and expertise that will let you mind your business while we do the work.

Known for its advanced financial sector and gold standard regulatory regime, Bermuda is a compelling global competitor when compared to other international jurisdictions, with unique requirements for new entrants to the market. Our team can give practical guidance on navigating Bermuda’s business landscape, working with you to meet your specific needs, from first contact to setting up your headquarters.

Let Us Guide You

A company, a partnership or a limited liability company – which business structure is best for you? Even if you know the answer, it can be hard to know where to start. Take those first steps with the BDA at your side. From applying for work permits to local staffing to finding the right office space to suit your needs, our team is available to help you along the way.

We provide factual information and helpful resources that will answer any questions you may have about doing business in Bermuda. One of our Business Development Managers will guide you through the process, while our Business Concierge can make direct introductions to key representatives of government agencies, including Finance, Immigration, Registrar of Companies, Customs and the Office of the Tax Commissioner.

Launching Your Business

You’re ready to get started and want to get your operations up and running as quickly as possible. We can take you through the processes for work permits, licences and necessary documentation and act as a direct liaison with representatives at the Bermuda Monetary Authority (BMA), the island’s independent financial services regulator, to incorporate a new company. Subject to the required information being provided, the approval process can be completed quickly – a straightforward incorporation can be accomplished in 24 to 48 hours. With the capital city of Hamilton being one square mile, one of the many benefits Bermuda offers is the ability to meet with government, the regulator, investors and lawyers, all in one day.

After signing off with the BMA, we can make further introductions to essential industry contacts, such as real-estate providers, technology partners, HR and recruitment specialists.

Bermuda is globally connected and sophisticated, with a safe and attractive island lifestyle that secures its position as the perfect hub at the centre of it all. You might think it will be tough being the new person, however, our support services provide swift access to other businesses that call Bermuda home. Build strategic networks within highly qualified and innovative industries, such as captive insurance, ILS and Fintech, and connect to our network of respected industry and sector partners, including law and accountancy firms, IT specialists, banks and administrators.

The BDA is responsible for enhancing Bermuda as a global centre for business, expertise and innovation. We work hand-in-hand with other government agencies and the international business community to ensure that companies are supported by a positive environment and an engaged workforce. We look forward to sitting alongside you on your journey.

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