Bermuda Highlighted on Main Stage at InsureTech Connect

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Bermuda Highlighted on Main Stage at InsureTech Connect

Hamilton, Bermuda, November 2, 2023 — The Bermuda Business Development Agency (BDA) returned to InsureTech Connect (ITC) in Las Vegas, Nevada this week.

Bermuda’s Premier, The Hon. David Burt spoke yesterday on the ITC main stage during a keynote conversation with past-BDA chair, Stephen Weinstein entitled: “Bermuda: Bridging Risk Capital Leadership with a Blooming Innovation and Tech Ecosystem.”

Premier Burt said, “It is the perfect time for Bermuda to be returning to InsureTech Connect, not only for the opportunity to remind attendees that Bermuda remains the world’s risk capital from the main stage, but also for the multiple business development opportunities brought about by having another in-person presence at the world’s largest insuretech event. We look forward to continuing to share the advantages of our blue-chip jurisdiction, including Bermuda’s regulatory excellence, abundance of human capital, and spirit of innovation.”

Korrin Lightbourne, Senior Business Development Coordinator also attended on behalf of the BDA.

The BDA’s attendance at ITC comes on the heels of our recent fifth annual Bermuda Tech Summit and a business development mission to London, UK where we held business development meetings with leading global capital allocators, wealth managers and tech companies and incubators to discuss Bermuda’s aspirations to develop and grow its technology, high net worth services and climate risk solutions / asset management industries.

This work aligns with the ‘Local and International Business Retention’ and ‘Business Attraction and Investment Promotion’ strategic priorities outlined in Bermuda’s Economic Development Strategy.

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