Bermuda for families – experiences of a lifetime

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Bermuda for families – experiences of a lifetime

Bermuda is one of the world’s safest locations to raise a family and enjoy life together.

For families looking to avail of Bermuda’s One Year Residential Certificate, remote learning can be done from a sunny verandah overlooking South Shore. For digital nomads whose children can join one of the island’s schools, making new friends and learning in a new environment, Bermuda offers a whole new level of cultural immersion and lifestyle experiences. Mum’s and Dad’s can join the fun too. Bermuda is one of the few locations in the world where safety and sophistication are enveloped in 21-square miles of natural beauty.

For kids under 5, Bermuda is heaven. ‘Baby and Me’ activities abound and there are many play groups as well as very active toddler/parent clubs. There are also play centres and infant and toddler action-based learning labs. These resources are a great way to meet other parents and find things to do with your toddler once you have moved to Bermuda, all while adhering to safety protocols.

A great variety of clubs and activities in Bermuda await parents and children: the “Meet a Mum Association” (MAMA), a not-for-profit organisation run solely by volunteers, offers many ways to meet new friends and have fun with families! Other groups are designed to share experiences, offer support, laugh and grow together. The ability for parents to connect with other families is vital in a place where extended families are not close by to babysit or entertain.

Popular junior clubs include the following: tennis, cricket, lacrosse, softball, baseball, squash, cycling, triathlon, youth rugby, martial arts, fencing, archery, gymnastics, dance, cheerleading, go kart racing, motocross, horse riding, coding club and even Lego club – you name it, we do it.

There are online directories designed to provide parents with a network of educational resources, recreational activities, products and services that benefit the development of your child. A vibrant and inclusive expat community embraces those new to the island and becomes your family away from home.

The ability to enjoy the outdoors year-round is one of the major perks of living in Bermuda. For tweens and young adults, sailing lessons are available from the Royal Hamilton Amateur Dinghy Club and from the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club. Golf lessons are offered at all of the island’s golf clubs. Wild Island Farms provides tours, children’s volunteer opportunities and farming and gardening camps for children who love animals and caring for them in the great outdoors. WindReach is an inclusive and accessible community facility that exists to enrich the quality of life for people of all abilities, ages and special needs.

The Botanical Gardens is a beautiful haven in Paget offering tree climbing, an incredible maze, toad-spotting in the sensory garden pond and picnic benches. It hosts the Farmer’s Market on Saturday mornings – and don’t forget to visit Masterworks Museum of Art next door.

There are many family friendly restaurants in Bermuda with children’s menus and friendly wait staff. Some even have a play space adjacent to covered outdoor dining areas.

If you need a car seat, cot, stroller or other children’s goods, there are rental companies ready to cater to your needs. Local shops provide all you need in terms of toys, clothing, baby equipment and most importantly, birthday supplies.

The ability to achieve a work/life balance is the number one reason for a family move to Bermuda. An island teeming with natural resources, and those who love sharing them, means your time in Bermuda will be unforgettable.

By Sylvia Jones, Director, Corporate Concierge Bermuda Ltd., a Bermuda relocation specialist.

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