BDA’s Concierge Service Stands Ready to Assist New Market Entrants

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BDA’s Concierge Service Stands Ready to Assist New Market Entrants

Hamilton, Bermuda, September 18, 2023 – The Bermuda Business Development Agency’s (BDA) complimentary concierge service can help new Bermuda market entrants get established quickly.

While the BDA is well known for organising business development missions overseas, or local signature events, to attract foreign direct investment and enhance Bermuda’s reputation as a global centre for business,  and innovation, it may be less well known that our concierge service provides prospective new international businesses with direct access to the BDA’s expertise and professional network to help them get established.

David Hart, CEO, BDA, “The BDA is an unrelenting advocate for  growing and diversifying business activity in Bermuda, and we understand the importance of speed to market. We give practical guidance on navigating Bermuda’s unique business landscape, working with new entrants to meet their specific needs, from first contact to setting up their new Bermuda HQ.”

Kyle Rogers, Business Research and Intelligence Manager, BDA said, “Even if you have already made the decision to set up shop in Bermuda, it can be hard to know where to start. From introductions to legal and financial service advisors, applying for work permits, to local staffing, and finding the right office space to suit your needs, the BDA is available to help along the way. With the capital city of Hamilton being one square mile, one of the many benefits Bermuda offers is the ability to meet with government, the regulator, investors, and lawyers, all in one day. And if you contact us beforehand, the BDA can also make further introductions to essential industry contacts, such as real-estate providers, technology partners, HR, and recruitment specialists while you are here.”

The BDA’s concierge service is also the primary initial touchpoint for Bermuda’s Economic Investment Residential Certificate (EIRC) applications – all 42 successful EIRC applications, worth a total investment of approximately $440 million, have been submitted to government via the BDA.

Our EIRC work, as well as the concierge service in general, aligns with the ‘Business Attraction and Investment Promotion’ priority outlined in Bermuda’s Economic Development Strategy.

To learn more about the BDA’s concierge service or seek assistance, email or call us at +1 441 292 0632.

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