BDA Launches Hub Dedicated to Climate and ESG 

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BDA Launches Hub Dedicated to Climate and ESG 

BDA Launches Hub Dedicated to Climate and ESG Investing in Bermuda

Hamilton, Bermuda, April 19, 2022 — The Bermuda Business Development Agency (BDA) today launched its new Climate Hub and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) webpage detailing Bermuda’s commitment to blending business-friendly practices with policies for a sustainable future.

Bermuda has a 400-year history of protecting its natural environment, and through various initiatives, the jurisdiction is implementing innovative solutions to protect the island for generations to come.

David Hart, CEO of the BDA said, “Bermuda has long been a steadfast proponent of practices that protect its people, environment, and climate. Through its work in climate risk finance, Bermuda is positioning itself as a leader in the response to the biggest crisis of our time, climate change.”

Bermuda is leading action to combat climate change — both on island and in international markets — by building on its decades of experience as the world’s risk capital to also become the world’s leader in climate risk finance. Explore the BDA’s Climate Risk Finance page.

Bermuda’s community-building social programmes and forward-looking governance also support the very people whose culture, history, and work make this island so special. Learn more about Bermuda’s social governance commitments

“The BDA is grateful to its partners whose collaboration helped create this home for Bermuda’s ESG initiatives,” Jamari Douglas, the BDA’s Director of Marketing said. “This cross-agency partnership among the Ministry of Home Affairs, Regulatory Authority, and the Bermuda Ocean Prosperity Programme is a testament to the BDA’s ability to galvanise different entities to create useful content that increases economic investment into Bermuda. We invite other departments or organisations that would like to be included, to contact the BDA.” 

Click here to learn more about the BDA.

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