BDA Congratulates Google and Bermuda Government on Historic Submarine Cable Accord

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BDA Congratulates Google and Bermuda Government on Historic Submarine Cable Accord

Hamilton, Bermuda, September 25, 2023 – The Bermuda Business Development Agency (BDA) welcomes the announcement by Google that Bermuda will be the home of a new transatlantic cable, positioning Bermuda as the digital hub of the Atlantic.

‘Nuvem’– Portuguese for Cloud – will be a new transatlantic subsea cable system connecting Portugal, Bermuda, and the United States.

David Hart, BDA, CEO said, “All of Bermuda joins us in welcoming Google here. Approximately 95% of the world’s communications is carried on submarine cable networks and Bermuda’s Atlantic location makes us the ideal landfall and interconnection point for submarine cables between the Americas, Europe, and Africa. Bermudians can take pride in our new role as an international data transit switch, providing increased network resiliency to countries on both sides of the Atlantic for decades to come, as well as exciting new career opportunities.”

David Robles, Global Subsea Construction Lead, Google said, “Just as trade routes and highways have helped communities thrive throughout history, subsea cables bring digital commerce and productivity benefits that Bermuda is well-positioned to reap. We look forward to working with Bermuda on the Nuvem cable project as part of a long-term partnership to ensure this investment delivers lasting benefits to Bermuda’s digital future.”

Mr. Robles will be guest speaker at the BDA’s fifth annual Bermuda Tech Summit on 10 October on a special panel entitled: ‘Building Bridges, Transatlantic Tech.’ Click here to learn more.

Seeking out foreign direct investment in the infrastructure space has been a key objective of the BDA’s strategy since 2020, and dovetails with government’s mission to build critical new infrastructure as part of the ‘Business Attraction and Investment Promotion’ priority outlined in Bermuda’s Economic Development Strategy.

Since 2013, the BDA has served as a vital conduit between private industry and the Bermuda government, as well as new market entrants and Bermuda’s quality service providers. Our most recent targeted business development missions to Singapore and Israel, not only enable us to remind overseas prospects of our key attributes, but also puts potential prospects in touch with our comprehensive concierge service, available at 

A link to the Google blog post announcing the Nuvem cable follows:

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