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Get great insights about Bermuda’s business climate from the professionals who are directly involved in key sectors. The Bermuda Angle invites you to hear from experts like government officials, regulators, industry leaders, academics, journalists, influencers and more. Discover how easy it is to grow your business in Bermuda, and get going on your exciting new journey today.

Ocean Science for Human Good

Dr. Curry gives his expert view on the importance and history of protecting Bermuda’s natural marine environment, climate change and how BIOS benefits the local and global community.

Bermuda Ticks All The Boxes

Stephen Catlin gives insights into why he chose Bermuda for Convex, the jurisdiction’s value to global insurance and reinsurance markets and future trends he sees in the industry.

Bermuda’s Business Advantages

Stephen Weinstein says there is no jurisdiction on Earth better suited to matching capital and risk. As a “hothouse for innovation” in financial services, Bermuda can play an outsize role in tackling some of the world’s greatest challenges.

Case Studies & Testimonials

Hear about the many benefits of investing in Bermuda from the entrepreneurs who’ve experienced them firsthand.

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