Bermuda: Setting the standard for fintech business

Bermuda is embracing the blockchain revolution, and creating a robust and fit-for-purpose legal and regulatory framework governing initial coin and token offerings (ICOs) and virtual currency businesses.

The same features that for decades have made Bermuda an eminently successful centre for insurance, asset management and private-client business are now being extended to technologists and innovators who wish to establish operations in a sophisticated, modern and well-regulated jurisdiction.

The BDA can be your first stop to unlocking the potential of using Bermuda for your ICO or fintech business launch. Our team can help connect you with the appropriate legal and advisory services and provide a roadmap of elements required to optimise your Bermuda presence.

Once you have started the process of incorporating, the BDA’s Business Concierge Service can assist your company with resources dedicated to finding everything you need to get established.

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