Are you a proud Bermudian or former Bermuda resident living overseas? Are you interested in Bermuda and happy to help in its continued success? If yes: We Need You!

The Bermuda Business Development Agency (BDA) invites you to connect with other like-minded friends of Bermuda by joining our LinkedIn members-only group. As our BDA Abroad ambassadors, you'll stay connect to the Island's business community by networking with industry professionals familiar with the market. The goal is to grow Bermuda's economy, raise GDP, and create jobs by connecting professionals who care about the Island. You belong to a valuable pool of talent and ambassadorial potential that we count on to help spread the word about our world-class jurisdiction. By doing so, you'll help Bermuda flourish.

As a BDA Abroad member, you'll also keep abreast of Island news, receive invitations to special events, and be able to join discussions about our Island. There's never been a more exciting time to reconnect with Bermuda, thanks to a renaissance in focus, an entrepreneurial spirit, an upsurge in investment, new hotel developments – and the world's spotlight focused on the 2017 America's Cup. Join us today!

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